Increase Your Virility, Foodie Cred

No, human skulls are not served.Photo: Daniel Maurer

In this week's magazine, Rob and Robin sing the praises of cod milt, also known as shirako, also known as kiku, also known as okay, no getting around it cod sperm. If this gets your mouth watering, you might also be interested to know that Kenka, home to the most coveted 8 p.m. tables among Japanese hipsters, lists bull's penis on its manga-inspired specials menu (turkey testicles are sometimes also available). We've never seen grilled chicken ovaries (or "balls on a string" as Japanese children call the skewered treats) at American yakitori vendors, but let's hope that changes now that izakayas (and cod sperm) are having their moment. Daniel Maurer

Shirako Season [NYM]