Fatty Crab Wants to Know If You're Interested in Getting Brunch

Bacon and eggs oh you, Zak Pelaccio!Photo: Melissa Hom

A new dish has been appearing at the tables of regular customers at Fatty Crab recently. Referred to simply as bacon and eggs by its creator, chef de cuisine (and Zak Pelaccio chief lieutenant) Corwin Kave, the off-the-menu special is one of the seasons standout pork dishes and it heralds the restaurant's plans to begin serving brunch. It consists of a whole Bobo Farm egg, lightly spiced and wok-fried in hot oil, topped with a thick, tender piece of pork belly braised in lime, chiles, black vinegar, fish sauce, and a mlange of Malaysian spices. The Blue Ribbon Pullman bread just barely manages to hold it all together. Its just something were messing around with, Kave tells us. Dont expect to get it when the place is slammed, but if youre there on an off hour, and maybe a little hung-over, tell them that Grub Street sent you.