Gramercy Park Room Service: “This Next One Is a Nobu Cover”

Craving Balthazar at 5 a.m.? Come spring, all that will be required to get your late-night Cobb on is a room at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Once the beleaguered Park Chinois restaurant is up and running (in April or May, were told; Alan Yaus still on board), a new 24-hour room-service menu will feature renditions of signature dishes from celebrated NYC restaurants and chefs.

Though the lineup is far from final, theyre thinking of favorites from Craft, Babbo, Country, Balthazar, Gotham, and Nobu. Were a little disappointed the kitchen wont be covering Jol Robuchons eelandfoie-gras terrine, which a reader speculates is itself a riff on the most copied dish in Spain. That would be meta. Daniel Maurer

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