Another Secret Society to Sup in Williamsburg

"It's hard to believe how good this food is, or how cool we are!"Photo courtesy Whisk & Ladle

For a secret supper club that serves multicourse dinners in an undisclosed (loft) location in Williamsburg, the Whisk & Ladle has a pretty high profile. (You can be forgiven, however, for confusing them with the like-minded but officially unaffiliated Ghetto Gourmet group, as they both have skull-and-crossbones-inspired logos.)

Theyve got a Website with photos, their history, and a sign-up, and thats on top of the MySpace page (theyll feed you and be your friend who needs a mommy now?). The private dining movement is gaining momentum around the world; some of the best meals in Bejing, were told, are served under a bare lightbulb in someones tiny dining room. (Just like the food we serve ourselves at home!) Given how many great cooks there are in New York and how many good eaters organizations like Whisk & Ladle are a natural fit for the city. But they really should come up with their own logos.

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