Chodorow Blog Lets Slip the Foodies of War

The Chodoblogs first two posts just havent been enough to sate us. Thanks heavens, then, there are so many comments being posted.

As our friend Nina Lalli reported in Eat for Victory, most of these, not unexpectedly, have been fulsome expressions of solidarity with, and even awe at, the injured restaurateur: You are a visionary who is not affraid [sic] to take chances and thats what sets you apart from others. But there have also been stray dissenters. Some write from conscience: Disgusting! The price of a Kobe steak, from a steer that has been beer-fed and massaged to death, is the equivalent of the monthly or even yearly income of millions of poor people around the world. Others, not thinking quite so globally, write to warn Chodorow of his folly: Man what a strange trip you are on, my friend Stick with you [sic] sorry assed excuses of 'fine dining' and laugh all the way to the bank. Quit putting it up your nose, treat people as people and THINK about something other than MONEY. Others seem oddly at peace: Frank was actually too kind to you and your fatty kobe ass peace. Chodorow has taken an X-ray of the eating public, and the results to date are highly disturbing.

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