Eat Bar Masa’s Fried Fugu — We Double-Dog Dare You

Lou Dobbs insists you put him down.Photo: Corbis

Fugu, or the flesh of the blowfish, can be deadly if prepared the wrong way, as anyone who has seen the Simpsons episode where Homer is given 24 hours to live after having it served to him by an inexperienced chef can attest. (Actually, hes given 22 says Dr. Hibbert: Im sorry I kept you waiting so long.)

Of course, if youre actually able to find the delicacy in the U.S., its unlikely to make your heart explode, as the big guy was expecting: Sushi chefs must apprentice for two to three years before theyre allowed to carve around the creatures toxic liver. As it turns out, there is someplace you can find it: Bar Masa. Until the end of the fugu season (late February or early March), theyll be offering it deep-fried, as fugu karaage. (Homer would no doubt appreciate that.) The bony pieces are dredged in potato starch, fried, and served with a little salt and some sudachi lime. (Its also available as sashimi.) Say it with us: Cmon, pal. Fugu me!