Weird Deliveries Demanded by Club VIPs

Room Service's lost, found and kidnapped.Photos:

Because weve only visited Room Service to use the loo, weve never taken advantage of the concierge service that allows clubbers who give 24-hours' notice to get anything they want delivered to their curtained VIP cubicles. Still, we couldnt help but wonder what exactly the rich and lame-ous were ordering. As a list of every single item requested over the course of two weeks reveals, it aint the swordfish at Le Bernardin. More like gummy bears, K-Y Jelly, and the Paris Hilton sex tape. So which one of these items did Mary-Kate Olsen order? Well spill, after the list

Ben & Jerrys One Sweet Whirl
Condoms, glow in the dark
Camera, disposable
DVD (One Night in Paris)
French fries, Burger King
Fruit salad
Gummy bears
Hand sanitizer
Hot chocolate
K-Y Jelly
Lint roller
Ms, green
Milky Ways
Nail-polish remover
Nestl Crunch bars
Orange soda, diet
Pixy Stix
Reese's, white chocolate
Ruffles potato chips
Snickers ice-cream bar
Stockings, black fishnet
Tootsie Rolls
Wasabi peas

And finally, ordered by Mary-Kate Olsen and boyfriend Max Snow: gummy bears and sugar-free Red Bull. Daniel Maurer