Café Largo Comes Back to Harlem, With Two Sisters In Tow

Burritos? No. Bread? No Photo courtesy Caf Largo

When Harlems Caf Largo disappeared in 2003, a good restaurant closed in a neighborhood with too few of them. Three years later, its back with two new places next door: Vinegar Hill, a gourmet store and brick-oven bakery, and Tres Pasos, a Mexican takeout place. All three storefronts are joined in the back by a common kitchen, and a fourth adjacent store, Bella Jo Janes Sandwich Box, is slated to open in two to three months. Why the long delay? We closed for an expansion and renovation that took two years longer than we expected, says co-owner Stacy Schoenfeld-Calcano. Let's hope Largos new menu, among other things, will make the wait worthwhile.