Filet-O-Fish Sandwich Now Twice as Delicious

Where's ... my ... tartar sauce?Photo: Melissa Hom

There are many delicious things with which you could embellish a McDonalds Filet-O-Fish sandwich if your goal was to make it even more calamitous to the waistlines of the general Filet-O-Fish-loving public than it already is. A Scotch egg, a pound of bacon, or a deep-fried Snickers bar all spring to mind. But if you really wanted to go all out, if you really wanted to vex the fast-food police, what you might do is simply plop an additional Filet-O-Fish on top of the first one.

That may have been the thinking behind the new Double Filet-O-Fish, which recently made its debut at several Mickey Ds throughout the city. The sandwich is, in what McDonalds headquarters calls a limited engagement, loosely timed to coincide with Lent, so when the Underground Gourmet a Filet-O-Fish fan since the days when he still wore short pants found out about it, he hurried on over to the nearest location to give it a try, and with something like a Proustian shiver shooting down his spine, stepped up to the counter.

Although the UGs dining companion refused to sample it stating that shed just as soon eat a rat-licked Taco Bell taco or chew on broken glass than partake of this tartar-sauced slopfest the UG plunged right in. Besides the obvious, the difference between a regular single Filet-O-Fish and a double, the UG learned, is that the single contains a minimalist half-slice of melted American cheese, whereas with the double, you get a whole slice. Also, about twenty minutes later, you feel roughly twice as bad. But its a good bad. Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld

At participating McDonalds, including 14 E. 47th St., nr. Madison Ave., and 39 Union Sq. W., nr. 17th St.