Alfama Gets a New Chef and, Soon, Some Global Influences

Tradition takes another blow in the West Village.Photo courtesy Alfama

The West Villages Alfama, one of the citys top Portuguese restaurants, has lost its chef and is headed into new territory. Luis Caseiras last day in the kitchen was this past Thursday, and he has been replaced with executive sous-chef Mark Twersky. (Caseira, were told, left to return to Portugal to be with his 11-year-old son.) Alfamas loss may turn out to be our gain, as Twersky, a veteran of Per Ses kitchen, should liven up what has been a fine but somewhat stodgy restaurant. The new menu, which will reflect Twerskys attempts to create a more contemporary kind of Portuguese cooking using ingredients from Africa and Asia, among other places, will be in place by June 21, Tarcisio Costa, Alfamas co-owner, tells us. Well still have our traditional dishes, but Mark will also create dishes with a more modern approach, based on the many world cultures that are a part of Portugals history. So in case you never connected Mozambique with Portugal, a pleasant surprise might be in the offing.