Lynnea Scalora of Enid’s and the Annex Can Tell Her Hipsters Apart

"In Greenpoint, its relaxed hipsters. Theyre cool but messy."Photo: Melissa Hom

Lynnea Scalora, who happens to be our third Ask a Waiter in a row who is in a band (shes a bassist for White Hills and a performance artist in the show Ego Sensation) started working at Enids a year and a half ago when her previous employer, Oznots Dish, closed with three days' notice. Shes also a bartender at Lower East Side nightspot the Annex. When youre bartending, people know they have to be good to get the alcohol from you, she told us when we asked whether she preferred waiting tables or slinging drinks. When youre a server, youre someones slave. Not that shes leaving Enids anytime soon. Its nicer because the customers are more relaxed. Or are they? We asked her about overcaffeinated brunchers, bridge-and-tunnel invaders, and the taverns notoriously rowdy softball team.

Is there a difference between the LES hipster and the Greenpoint hipster?
In Greenpoint, its relaxed hipsters. Theyre cool but messy. Whereas in the LES everyone is cool and dolled up. At the Annex people are very concerned about their image, who theyre seen with, getting wasted, and acting like assholes.

So Enids is an A-hole-free zone?
I had these really creepy girls. One time they came in, they were belligerent, wanted to split their check, left a shitty tip, and left me their phone number because they wanted me to call them. Then they kept coming in! I love the people that have no sense of shame.

Do any of the Polish locals ever come in?
Theres a few Polish guys that come in really wasted and we have to kick them out. Theyll start talking to the customers and being super-drunk.

Whats the best way to avoid the brunch line?
Generally Saturdays are better. We start at ten if you can come before noon, youll probably get a table immediately. Around 1 p.m. it will probably be maybe half an hour.

Do people get jacked up from the free coffee you offer them while theyre waiting in line?
By the time it gets later in the afternoon, theres always a lot of people that are like, NAAAH! I cant have any more. Then you start to walk away and theyre like, Okay, maybe just half a cup. And they have five more half a cups. Then there are the people who get too amped on the caffeine; when they sit down and finally look at the menu, theyre so amped that their brain cant connect what they want, with communicating it with the server, with whats on the menu.

Do people from the South ever quibble about the grits or other comfort food?
In the South they put pork in the collard greens. People are disappointed that we dont do that.

Can you tell when people come in after hooking up the night before?
Well always comment on that; its like reality TV. I had a huge fight between a boyfriend and girlfriend; they were fighting as the food came, didnt eat any food, they got so pissed off, the guy just pulled money out of his pocket, put it on the table, and left. And of course it wasnt enough.

Do bridge-and-tunnel kids ever come in on the weekends to hang with the hipsters?
Lately. Maybe once a week I get a group of people ordering dirty martinis and coffee with dessert, or decaf or Splenda. All these things that arent what happens at Enids.

What happens when the bars softball team comes in after games?
Theyd get really loud and it would scare everyone away so no one would come for dinner. One night they won the championships and one of the guys on the team threw a beer on me. I was like, Im not working Sundays anymore.