Alain Ducasse Has Designs on LCB’s Midtown West Space

Astoria: Sais Organics health-food store will open a new location that incorporates a wellness center, and theyre hiring. [Joey in Astoria]
Bensonhurst: Do Carluccios heroes have a right to be famous? Has anyone heard of them? [Brooklyn Record]
East Village: A sake retailer is moving in on East 9th Street. [Down by the Hipster]
Flatiron: Charlie Palmer shuts down Kitchen 22. [Eater]
Fort Greene: Pequea chef and co-owner Johannes Sanzin, who also partners in Olea and Maggie Brown, is developing a space on Fulton and Clinton Avenue for an unknown restaurant. [VV]
Midtown West: Our Insatiable Critics new blog breaks news that Alain Ducasse cohorts claim to have secured the low-rent space of Department of Healthshuttered Brasserie LCB. [Bite]
Upper East Side: Theres apparently something sacred about staring at bodega workers just trying to have dinner in peace. [The Upper East Side Informer]
Williamsburg: An Austro-Hungarian biergarten huge, with a restaurant is in progress on North 3rd Street! [A Test of Will]