Our Guide to Rooftop Bars, High and Low

Your first (and let's face it, probably your last) look at the Gramercy Park Hotel's private rooftop.Photo: Courtesy of Gramercy Park Hotel

Its Memorial Day weekend, folks, which means that until Tuesday, were peace outtie in our leased Audi. If youre not going to the Hamptons for the opening of Stereo by the Seashore this weekend, and you dont feel like being cooped up at one of PDTs pre-opening parties, allow us to suggest a rooftop bar twenty of them, in fact, from the dont-even-think-about-it Private Roof Club and Garden at the Gramercy Park Hotel to M Bar, where you can simply order pizza and crack a cheap beer in the glow of the Empire State Building. Heck, maybe well stay in town after all

Bar Buzz: Rooftops Revisited