Ride the White Lightning

These kegs are really kicked.Photo: Istockphoto

Yesterday we reported that a legal form of absinthe is hitting the U.S. market this month (among connoisseurs its no secret that certain purists around town have been discreetly serving wormwood absinthe all along in cocktails such as the Sazerac). But what about that other banned booze moonshine? Though it wont be legalized anytime soon, lets just say theres a saloon in Brooklyn that will pull it from under the bar if you ask nicely. We were recently treated to a few eye-popping, sinus-destroying shots, poured from the obligatory Mason jar, of what we were assured was the real deal, and when we called later to request it for a friends birthday party, we were told wed be taken care of again. We wont give away the places identity, but we will tell you to look for a bulldog.