‘Top Chef’ Talbot Out at Spitzer’s Corner; FDA Too Weak Even for Industry

Top Chef runner-up Sam Talbot is out at what was to be his debut restaurant, Spitzers Corner. [Eater]

The FDA is facing increasing ire about its having largely abdicated its regulatory role. Even the produce industry wants the agency to do its job; suppliers are virtually begging for stronger intervention. [NYT]

Salsa mogul gives the Culinary Institute of America $35 million to advance the careers of Latin cooks and kitchen workers and to deepen the United States relationship with food from Latin America. [NYT]

Cesca chef Kevin Garcia will be opening Accademia de Vino, an enoteca specializing in grilled pizza in the old Mainland-Ollies Brasserie space on Third and 64th. [NYT]

Dean & DeLuca in Soho is closed for the afternoon because of a bomb scare. [Gawker]

Truffle oil? Doesnt have any truffles in it after all. Its flavored with chemical compounds like 2,4-dithiapentane. [NYT]