Lily Allen Eats Blue Ribbon Sushi Four Times a Week

"I like frozen berries with white-chocolate sauce on top."Photo: Cass Bird

Our interest was piqued when we read the last line of Jada Yuans piece about Lily Allens two weeks in New York. Dont worry, she says, cheerily chomping on chicken satay at Cafe Gitane, a few hours before double-fisting pizza slices at Joes. Im still eating like a fucking pig. Vulture, our entertainment blog, has some choice outtakes from the interview, but none of them clear up our curiosity about Lilys New York diet here, then, are some food-related kernels that didnt make it into the magazine piece.

On street-cart shaved ice: Is it unhealthy? It looks greasy [American translation: dirty] All right. Ill get one.

On other summer treats she loves: I like frozen berries with white-chocolate sauce on top. My mom makes it. Its the best. Oooh, and frozen orange juice.

On restaurants she loves: I love going to the Spotted Pig. The gnudi. Mmmm. Oh, my God. So good. I like the salad and sushi at Blue Ribbon. I ate there four times in six days. I love Tea and Sympathy, the Sunday roasts.

On cooking: I do cook. We get our food from FreshDirect. Im pretty good at roast dinners and spaghetti Bolognese.

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