Pret a Manger Set for Huge Expansion Here; Ramsay Bans Bluefin

British sandwich chain Pret a Manger is launching an expansion of Starbucks-like proportions, announcing plans to open 33 more locations in New York four times the current number. If New York could support one on every corner, wed love that, the companys head says. [NYS]
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Urged by the Marine Conservation Society, Gordon Ramsay pulls endangered bluefin tuna from all his restaurants. [NRN]

The Department of Healths current closure rampage continues with Union Picnic in Williamsburg, Caf Angelique, and Jadore in Manhattan. [Eater]

Jean-Georges Vongerichtens new soba restaurant, formerly 66, will be called Matsugen and will open in the beginning of August. [NYP]
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The New York Sun comes out against the Federal Trade Commission's holdup of the Whole FoodsWild Oats merger in an editorial: What a waste of federal resources. [NYS]

First there was laboratory-grown pork, now comes word of cows that give skim milk. [Chow]

Their hard-won settlement broken, the battle between Equal and Splenda rages anew. [NYT]