Club to Open in (Rather Than Flee) West Chelsea

Thought West Chelsea was dead? John JE Englebert and his partners at Pre:Post, Retox, and Myst (where Flava Flav hosts a party this Saturday!) apparently disagree: In October theyll open a 4,000-square-foot lounge called Suzie Wongs (no relationship to the restaurant, also serving light Asian fare, in London, or the late-night cafe that used to be in Lotus). Theyre not saying where in the neighborhood itll go, but were thinking it wont be the Cain space: We wouldnt be surprised if it replaced Pre:Post just like Myst and Retox replaced their onetime club Quo. The fact that the waitresses will be dressed as geishas is nothing new remember the ones at G Lounge? (Probably not) but there is one relative novelty: JE is avoiding the bottle-service route by simply charging a $50 table fee that will include a bottle of sake and a platter of appetizers. Call it bottle service 2.0.