Bar Veloce GM Moonlights As Raffish Fop

Did you make the sangria yet? Yes? Good.Photo courtesy Esquire

We never know what to think when we see the Best Dressed Real Men in America in the pages of Esquire . Are they freakish dandies, movie-set extras posturing for imaginary cameras, or are we just shlubby? The answer might be the former, going by Bar Veloce manager Thomas Crowley, who appears in the current issue. So who is he, really? A visit to Crowley's MySpace page reveals a veritable shrine to preening dorkery.

Calling himself The Thomas Crowley Affair, the mustached bon vivant lists among his favorite pastimes flag burning, synchronicity, and pin-stripes, Windsor knots and other sartorial particularities. But thats not the best part. Under his dislikes, Crowley claims saxophone solos (unless it's Spandau Ballet, where they make perfect sense, don't they?). Absolutement! The self-described swinger, though, is less than candid in his job description: We dont think that managing Bar Veloce really qualifies as world domination. On the other hand, no one is nominating us for best-dressed men.

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