Frozen-Yogurt Wars: We Have Not Yet Begun to Flurt


A new soldier in the fro-yo war.Photo: Melissa Hom

Last week, Grub Street compiled a comparison chart of different frozen yogurts (and one gelato) found in New York City. We asked readers for thoughts and you responded with frozen gusto. The most popular response was You missed Flurt! Indeed we did; the chain (now with two locations) opened in July. So heres what you need to know:


Country of Origin: New York City

Social Aesthetic: Tundralike minimalism.

Product Pitch: Were cheaper than Pinkberry!

NYC Locations: Two: Gramercy and Battery Park City.

Critical Reception: Unofficial just yet, but commenters on Chowhound offered a better than Pinkberry consensus. One reader concurred: Flurt is a takeoff of Pinkberry, but the yogurt has much better texture. Plus, they offer smoothies and Greek yogurt parfait.

The overwhelming favorite among readers is Pinkberry, but a few folks cheered for ko. Reader Van Luu wrote: [Y]ou can tell its actual yogurt and not from some weird powdered yogurt mix. In contrast, Pinkberrys fruit toppings might as well have come from a can of Comstock pie filling. Yuck.

We were also chided for forgetting the frozen yogurt served at 40 Carats in Bloomingdale's. Youre right. Well excuse ourselves by saying 40 Carats is a caf and not just a fro-yo spot. Next on our to-try list is Crazy Bananas. Reader Elizabeth Oo says its super-tasty without the ridiculousness of the Pinkberry experience. Sounds good to us. Well let you know how it goes. Aileen Gallagher