Crobar Cleans House While Readying for Miami Makeover

Studio Mezmor

Now it's Studio Mezmor, but will it be Twilo again?Photo: Melissa Hom

As Down by the Hipster reported recently, Miamis Opium Group has purchased the Crobar/Studio Mezmor space, which has joined neighbors BED and Spirit in darkness. It remains to be seen whether it evolves into a satellite of one of Opiums popular Miami clubs, Mansion and Prive, or whether theres any truth to rumors on Clubplanets message boards that Opium will name and model the place (or its parties) after the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of raver nostalgia, Twilo and/or Tunnel. An Opium rep who answered the phone at Crobars number acknowledged the sale (and nothing else), but another rep refuted the Twilo/Tunnel rumor and told us, It is not confirmed that well be taking over the former Crobar space or any space in NYC at this time presumably because a CB hearing on the spaces liquor-license renewal wont occur until next Tuesday. (The current license expires on October 31.)

The few who might be feeling nostalgic for Crobar (Rob the Bouncer, perhaps?) should hit up eBay, where three and a half years of concert posters are being auctioned off. A more enterprising idea than merely dumping all its disco detritus like the other done-zo dance clubs have.

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