Exclusive: Feast Your Eyes on Bar Boulud, Coming in November

Bar Boulud

The light at the end of the tunnel is Broadway.Photo: Courtesy of Bar Boulud

Daniel Bouluds burger bar is in the prelim stages the lease was just signed, and its still without a name but lucky for those who crave visual stimulation, his uptown wine bar and bistro Bar Boulud, opening in November at 1900 Broadway (at 64th Street), is a little further along. Thomas Schlesser has already designed the wine cellars barrel-vaulted ceiling and doughnut-shaped tasting table and is preparing to line the walls with vineyardlike gravel. And thats just the start of it. Weve acquired an exclusive PDF of Bar Bouluds design scheme, featuring renderings of the main room, floor plans, even upholstery samples. We look forward to pocketing the glass holders.

Bar Boulud Renderings [PDF]
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