Mario Batali, Food Network Split; Vermin at Da Silvano and Peter Luger

The Food Network dumps Mario Batali, and he dumps Iron Chef America in return. [NYP]

Da Silvanos media connections wont keep rat spottings out of the news as Inside Edition will air footage of the vermin tonight alongside similarly damning video of both Peter Luger and Blue Ribbon. [Eater]

"Nobody at the Bryant Park tents has to starve, sleep or stay sober" during fashion week thanks to sponsorships including Elenis cookies, Nespresso, and most importantly the entire Spanish wine region of Rioja. [NYDN]

The financial district still isnt the greatest food neighborhood, but thanks to the growing ranks of free-spenders moving there, a boomlet is on the way. [NYP]
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Laid-back is the new formal for the citys next wave restaurants, as evidenced by superchefs Boulud and Ducasse getting on the wine bar bandwagon. As we, um, noted last week. [NYT]
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Alex Urea opens Pamplona tomorrow with a promise of cheaper, foam-free fare. [Restaurant Girl]

New York Ranger Sean Avery and Amy Sacco play beer pong. [NYP]

Lucy Latin Kitchen will close this month and reopen with a Puerto Rican menu by Miami expat Carmen Gonzalez. [Snack]

Jewish food expert and correspondent for the Times Joan Nathan is looking for Rosh Hashanah recipe submissions. [Diners Journal/NYT]