Milk and Honey Grovelers: Step Up Your Game

Weve received a torrent of e-mails begging us to disclose Milk and Honeys secret new number, as we promised, but none of them have pulled at our heartstrings quite hard enough. Not surprisingly, there are a wide range of romantic pleas: a woman who locked eyes with [her] future husband there and wants to continue stalking the stranger; a woman who has a hot date with a married man [she] cannot resist; a married man (hopefully not the aforementioned one) who says he sings for famous people (sorry pal, youve just violated Sashas no starfucking rule) and wants to take his wife there; and finally a woman who pleads, My boyfriend wants to go there and frankly, Id eventually like him to marry me and father my children. Frankly, until we hear whether the boyfriend wants the same, we have more sympathy for the guy who tells us he wants to be free from the clutches of his douche-bag cousin who always refuses to give up the number to him. Do you deserve a Moscow Mule more than these candidates? Plead your case by e-mailing us at before 5 p.m. today and we might just hook you up.

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