Neighbors Aren’t Feeling Sting and Bowie’s Burlesque Club


NIMBY neighbors don't want David Bowie's dirty club.Photo: Daniel Maurer

In a bit of dog-bites-man news, it seems certain neighbors arent digging the idea of Forty Deuce, the burlesque club thats due to replace Little Charlies Clam Bar at 19 Kenmare Street. Screams this flyer we found on Grand and Mott today: OUR LITTLE ITALY / CHINATOWN / BOWERY / NOLITA COMMUNITY IS NOT GOING TO BE THE NEW TIMES SQUARE FOR UPSCALE TRENDY LATE-NIGHT PARTY-GOERS. Are these the same citizens-on-patrol who are trying to get the Box closed because it wasnt the cultural institution it promised to be? We advise them to tune in here, because we hear something big bigger even than Double Happiness upscale trendy makeover, maybe is coming to the LitItChiBoNo neighborhood soon.

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