Terrance Brennan Sells Cheese Business, Plans New Restaurant

We remember when the new place was just
a twinkle in Terrance Brennan's eye.Photo: Patrick McMullan

An interesting rumor came our way the other day: that none other than our reputed doppelgnger, Terrance Brennan of Artisanal and Picholine, was looking to sell his restaurants and get out of the day-to-day chef business. We checked in with the Blessed Cheesemonger, and it turns out the rumor is exactly wrong: Brennan has sold his Artisanal cheese company to American Home Foods for the express purpose of getting back into the kitchen. Its a lot more complex business than I thought, he tells us. Theres e-commerce and customs and all these moving parts. It took four years of my life Im done with it. Brennan also says hes planning a new New York restaurant, a different concept from Artisanal or Picholine. But thats all hell say until the time is ripe as ripe, he adds, as a pungent Roquefort.