Webster Hall's New Project Will Include Over-the-Top Vodka Bar

Daily Intel has the scoop on Hudson Terrace, the nightclub and catering hall Webster Halls owner Sean McGarr is opening on 46th Street in November. His partner in the $3 million venture, Michael Sinensky, tells us that in March hell bring a Russian vodka and caviar lounge (with a separate entrance and operating hours) to its basement. Sinensky, inspired in part by his Russian wife and in part by Red Square in Atlantic City, says customers will be able to select from over 100 vodkas stored in a transparent walk-in fridge including, he hopes, a Russian one exclusively distilled for the lounge. The interior will be what he describes as real over-the-top, like communist Russia back in the day. Lots of gold and arches. Were planning on putting old Russian uniforms around the place. Pravda, youre on red alert.

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