Beatrice Currently Closed to Everyone, Not Just You

Pissy doorman not pictured.Photo: Yun Cee Ng

Gawker reported earlier today that the Beatrice was closed last night, though no one knew why. Co-owner Matt Abramcyk fills us in. In order to address noise complaints, Abramcyk was doing renovations to facilitate quick entry and exit to and from the club. However, someone failed to apply for a permit to do some plumbing work. When [the mayors task force] shut construction down, Abramcyk says, they left us with our pants half down, since we were doing it to satisfy them. Hes working with his lawyers to get his pants back up in time to open tonight not that it matters to the 99.9 percent of the city that cant get in anyway.

Paul Sevignys Beatrice Inn Shut Down Last Night [Gawker]