Haunted Restaurants; Market Table's Sneaky Reservations

A list of the most haunted New York destinations compiled by Internet librarians features a lot of restaurants, including Bridge Cafe whose six-foot-tall, female bouncer, Gallus Magg, used to bite ears off drunken customers back in the nineteenth century; and One if by Land, Two if by Sea, which boasts the spirit of former building owner Aaron Burr not to mention his daughter, who nowadays "bothers ladies who lunch by pulling their earrings." [NYP]

Market Table is the latest restaurant to only accept strategic reservations, and it's annoying when you see empty tables. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]

The New York branches of Muji won't have the cafs selling the delectable green-tea pastries you find at the Toyko flagship, but the new Amai Tea & Bake, at 171 Third Avenue, sells similar ones, along with viennoisserie and white-tea cookies. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

Bars and nightclubs will soon have to abide by a new set of nighttime security guidelines to avoid incidents like the accidental death of patrons. [Villager]

Phoebe Damrosch offers waiters ways to improve the stress-fest of serving weekend brunch, but her tips don't seem like they will help if, like she was, you are "a very jealous waiter: jealous of guests' bacon, their leisure and their appreciation of the owner's favorite album, which played at least twice every shift." [NYDN]
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Georgia's East Side BBQ on the Lower East Side serves juicy pulled pork, fried chicken, and fresh lemonade in a spot so tiny there is no bathroom. [NYDN]