128 Billiards Becomes Tropical 128: What a Difference a New Sign Makes

Bobby Van's

128 Billiards has left the building.Photo: Daniel Maurer

The guys at Thrillist outed a favorite spot of ours today Tropical 128 and to make matters worse for those of us who wanted to keep it a secret between us and the Chinatown pool sharks, they hype the place like it was just remodeled to acquire its over-the-top tropical dcor (causing Eater to call it an opening). Sorry, dudes, those fake trees have been there forever.

In fact, back in April, when its name was 128 Billiards, we did a Restroom Report about the fish tank. Well give Thrillist this, though they did sniff out the yakitori grill that was added in recent months. Its the best thing going in the neighborhood when you need a late-night fourth meal and you dont want to go the La Esquina route.

Tropical 128 [Thrillist]
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