The Anchor: Now With Happy Hour, Restaurant to Come?

Its never been a better time to work in far west Soho (after Grub Street HQ recently relocated to the hood, we'll openly gloat). Late-night destination the Anchor where Lindsay Lohan was rumored to be doing blow in the bathroom right before she flew to rehab will, for the first time, be opening early for happy hour starting this Thursday at 6 p.m., and owner Jason LaGarenne tells us that aint all: He and his partner James Cruickshank are eyeing a location on Greenwich Street, around the corner from the bar, to turn into a ground-floor restaurant with basement lounge. Its one of those old spaces, he tells us, that hasnt been occupied for fifteen years. Personally wed love someone to revive the abandoned Art Deco diner thats hidden away nearby, but were keeping its location secret in case we decide to do it ourselves.