Batali and Keller Have Clogged Pipes; Dining With Bruni

The Post reports as we did yesterday that the opening of club Touch is delayed and gets the name wrong. Torch? [NYP]
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Clogmaster Cecilia Tidlund reveals her VIP client list shocker, Batali is on it! Oh, and Thomas Keller, too. See now, this is what we wanted more of in that Per Se tell-all. [NYT]

The Amateur Gourmet on eating with Frank Bruni: He is measured and thoughtful. He doesn't exclaim, he doesn't pout he eats, he considers, and then he softly shares his opinion. Also, hes skinnier than youd think. [Amateur Gourmet]

Workers call for a boycott of Ollies Noodle Shop, claiming the chains president is attempting to blacklist lawsuit organizers. [NYT]