Dani Says, ‘You Be the Chef — and the Investor!’

Burning Money

Our interpretation of the "Be the Chef" at Dani experience.Photo: iStockPhoto.com

Weve heard of guest bartending (pouring shots down peoples throats is good and fun on your 21st birthday in Murray Hill), but guest chef-ing? Thats exactly what Dani will let you do during private parties, according to a press release.

Ever wanted to find out what its like to run your own restaurant? For one night, experience the thrills and fast pace of the kitchen, as you become Head Chef of Dani one of New Yorks premier Italian eateries. Acclaimed Chef Don Pintabona, author of The Tribeca Grill Cookbook and The Shared Table will assist in designing your menu and coordinating all event logistics. Stand side by side with the chef while you impress your guests as you sear, saut, grill and serve in the restaurants open kitchen. A customized chefs jacket & apron will be supplied to complete the connoisseur look. Make this a night to remember and relive the excitement on a professionally documented DVD. Minimum number of guests: 40. Maximum number: 80. Price: $250 per person, plus 8.375 percent tax & 20 percent service/labor.

The question is, will Chef Pintabona let you indulge in the full gamut of Kitchen Confidentialstyle antics? Were not laying down this kind of cash unless we get to trade shots with the busboys and snog the hostess in the broom closet. But considering the price tag ranges from a minimum $12,837 up to $25,675, expect to see My Foodie Sweet 16 shooting at Dani real soon.