Dufresne, Goldfarb, and AvroKo Are ‘Unconventional Geniuses,’ in Case You Didn't Know

Last Supper

Wiley Dufresne (left) and Will Goldfarb (right)Photo: Melissa Hom

Liquor Marketing Gimmick #2,391 randomly hand out awards! Tonight Chopin Vodka honors eight Unconventional Geniuses, and among them are Wylie Dufresne, the AvroKo design firm, and (per the press release) pioneer in the pastry movement Will Goldfarb. Apparently a whopping three-eighths of todays unconventional geniuses are associated with the restaurant world! (Non-chef picks include director John Cameron Mitchell and artist Kenny Scharf, if you're looking for perspective.) Youll have to attend the party tonight at Peter White Studio to find out what the top-secret award looks like, but, as a point of reference, Johnnie Walkers 30 Under 30 (none of them chefs) received personally engraved bottles of Johnnie Black. Dare to dream, unconventional geniuses!