Gordo Blog Better Than the Real Thing; Water Trend More Ridiculous

A true innovator has started a mock Gordon Ramsay blog with such posts as What? Emerils boobs arent nice enough? But when will someone step in to fill in the gaps at Chodoblog? [News Groper via Serious Eats]
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No holiday parties at Chumleys this year; according to the owner Steve Shlopak, the space has no ceiling and no floor. [NYO]

Even after a top-chef shuffle and showdown between Fiamma, LImpero and Alto all three places have come through recent turmoil, and the good news is that theyre better than they were before, says Steve Cuozzo. [NYP]

Ed Levine wonders when food is too expensive and finds the motivation of the people who produce and make the food counts for a lot. [New York Eats]

Steak Frites, once doomed Charolais (or was it Cote dOr) at 225 Varick Street opens for dinner this weekend. [NYT]

Did Irving Mill fire a food runner who served Chelsea Clinton the wrong appetizer on his first night? [NYP]

Bourbon seems to be the new Scotch these days, so its a good thing weve also compiled a list of gift-worthy bottles recommended by the guest taster in this roundup, Brandy Librarys Ethan R. Kelley. [NYT]
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Water more overwrought: The premiumization trend subjects us to a limited-edition Bling H20 and the (supposedly acid-free) Tasmanian Rain. [Trendwatching via Eat for Victory/VV]

In an impressive example of selling "bitch" celebrity, Season One Top Cheftestant Dave Martin has created a menu at his new restaurant Crave, which features such clever dishes as Filet Mignon With Groovy Gorgonzola and Sassy Sea Bass. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]