Korean Chicken Chain Still Trying to Fly

Things seemed so promising on opening week.Photo: Daniel Maurer

Remember our news that BBQ Chicken, Koreas leading fried chicken chain, was coming to St. Marks Place and aiming to move past McDonalds in worldwide ubiquity? That goal now seems just a smidge ambitious, because after two months the chicken has yet to hit the olive oil. We were worried the employees had been held back at Chicken University, but it seems the problems lie elsewhere. Theyve been having trouble with the gas for the chicken, a counter person tells us. [The opening] will probably be about two weeks, but theyve been saying that for about a week so Im not sure. In the meantime, theres always that decidedly not health-conscious BBQ at the end of the block.

Update: Well, theres this, at least The BBQ Chicken on Seventh Avenue between 23rd and 24th Streets is up and oiling, as our photographer Melissa Hom discovered during her fried chicken odyssey.

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