Meyer and Batali Face Off; Gordo's Advice on the Closer

Meyer, Batali, Nieporent, and others compete to see wholl serve VIPs at the new Jets/Giants stadium. Interesting! And how does this affect Meyers rumored plans to take Shea Stadium by ShackStorm? [NYP]

Gordos first-date fail-safe: Take your girl to Ducasses place in Monaco, then tell her what you really want is roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Wow the guy's like something straight out of The Pick-Up Artist! [Forbes]

Naked Chef Jamie Oliver, in town to promote his book, says his feelings are hurt from being slagged by Bourdain: You rate someone [like Mr. Bourdain] and then they think you're a bit of a pussy. It's not very inspiring. [Globe and Mail]

CBS morning news catches on to the dessert craze which apparently reaches as far as Missouri. [Columbia Missourian]

Despite that shiny new store on West Broadway and Houston (which is their, oh, five-billionth), Starbuckss customer traffic drops off for the first time. [Portfolio]

Danny Abrams and others offer advice on opening a restaurant: First off, be prepared to bleed money. [Forbes]