Williamsburg’s My Moon Opens Little Sibling, Lokal


Williamsburg's latest Mediterranean joint, Lokal.Melissa Hom

The official opening is not until Friday, but Lokal, the sophomore eatery from the owner of Williamsburgs factory-turned-restaurant My Moon, has quietly opened to the public. For now, the limited menu (in testing mode) skews to the north Mediterranean: Greek, Italian, Spanish, but like My Moon, mostly Turkish grilled pizzas, meatball casserole, cheese plates, and several meze. Owner Bener Bilgin has joined with his front-of-the-house manager and another Turkish restaurant friend to open the 70-seat spot across the street from McCarran Park.

The space is designed by the same artist who gave My Moon its airy, performance-space feel, but this much smaller location has a more intimate look. Several tall glass-top bar tables are inlaid with stones and sea shells, and theres a glassed-in kitchen. Plus, Bilgin claims to own the only restaurant in the city that serves Turkeys Efes Pilsner on tap. Pervaiz Shallwani

Lokal, 905 Lorimer St., nr. Nassau Ave., Brooklyn; (718) 384-6777