Bobo's Chef's-Table Chairs Used to Be, Er, Yellow?

Bobo Chairs

We're planning our own trip to Saugerties.Photo: Melissa Hom

When Carlos Suarez dreamed up Bobo, he wanted to avoid the large, impersonal restaurants he says were cropping up in the meatpacking district. So he rented a U-Haul and drove it upstate every weekend for months. Wed come back with truckloads of goodies, he says, and among them were six yellow French country chairs that he purchased at a Saugerties antique store for $50 to $75 each.

The restaurants designer, his cousin Dolores (whose firm DeKar also decorated the Zagats apartment good thinking!), upholstered the chairs with a floral-print, stain-resistant material and painted them black. Now theyre tucked under a copper chefs table purchased from Odegard, under a spider chandelier possibly salvaged from a bank. Not all of Bobos chairs came cheap when he ran out of money to buy more, Suarez brought in some from his apartment. His loss, our gain.

Bobo Chairs

Photo: Melissa Hom