Cha Cha, Maker of World's No. 1 Cannoli, in Juicing Shocker

Cha Cha and Pastore

We surmise Cha Cha started juicing sometime after
seeing this photo in 2004.Photo: Getty Images

Weve been known to stop into Cha Chas In Bocca Al Lupo for a Leonardo DiCaprio Frozen Titanic in a souvenir glass, though weve never actually seen Leo as the Website says we might. We do often see proprietor Cha Cha friend of the Sopranos, former promoter of Tony Danzas boxing career, and the Unofficial Mayor of Little Italy. In addition to the #1 cannoli in the world (natch), Cha Cha peddles gutbusters like a Mt. Vesuvius Tort consisting of three layers of brownies, cheesecake, and chocolate mousse which is why we were shocked to hear, on WOR's Joey Reynolds Show, that Cha Cha has become a health nut and a juicing fanatic and takes most of his meals through a straw. Basta! This is way more disheartening than yesterdays revelations that Clemens juiced Cha Cha, say it aint so!

Cha Cha's In Bocca Al Lupo [Official site]