Ciao to Hip Hop Chow, Hello Nori


Flounder burger, eh?Photo: Melissa Hom

We admit we never set foot into Hip Hop Chow, much as we do love us some chicken and waffles nonetheless we were slightly bummed to see it replaced recently by yet another Japanese restaurant off St. Marks Place. Still, the new owner and namesake Nori Nishida, previously a manager at Takahachi in Tribeca, is optimistic. People told me to be careful, he says, but no matter where we go, there must be competition. Nori says hes still experimenting with unusual dishes such as the flounder burger. Good thing, because hes going to need them to lure us away from the bulls penis at Kenka, the deep-fried alligator at Natori, and Yakitori Taishos mysterious chicken chunck [sic]. Mmmm, chicken chunck.

Nori menu