Huckabee Loves Salad and Bread Sticks; Domino's Still Won't Deliver in 30 or Less

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee chose T.G.I. Fridays when a Times reporter offered to take him to lunch anywhere in the city, but Huck ultimately settled for the Olive Garden. [NYT via Serious Eats]

The Food Networks ratings are hurting, which might help to explain why Emeril Live got canned. [NYT]

How do Thomas Keller and Mario Batali fare against McDonald's when it comes to calories? Keller's veal breast and polenta and Batali's pork loin are worse for you than a Big Mac, but who cares? [WSJ

Dominos Pizza is putting a twist on their classic (and retracted) 30-minutes-or-less promise with a new You Got 30 slogan, which has nothing to do with actual delivery time. [WSJ]

In an effort to make nightlife politically correct, a man is suing several Manhattan nightclubs for their ladies-night specials, which he claims violate his constitutional rights. [NYP]

Brooklyn-born rapper Fabolous breaks his silence on the stabbing of a friend at Duvet, saying he was nowhere near the club when it happened. [NYDN]

Felony assaults are up 40 percent from last year in that crazy new clubland we call the Flatiron district. [NYP]

Theres plenty of free food to be enjoyed in this town, if youre at least willing to buy a drink. [Zagat]

Looking back on the year, its time to mourn the loss of the Moondance Diner but celebrate the return of the 2nd Avenue Deli. [Lost City]
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Heres your drink trend alert for the week: jam-infused cocktails, thanks to one such offering at Stanton Social. [NYT]