Le Royale Might Just Bring Nightlife Out of the Doldrums

Le Royale

Will a trio of hipster D.J.'s spawn from this new site?Courtesy Le Royale

The Times was extremely dour about the state of NYC nightlife in Sundays profile of 1 OAK, but theres hope after all! David Baxley, the owner of fondly remembered house-music club CentroFly is teaming up with Brit D.J.-producer Terrey Casey to open Le Royale this Friday in what used to be Luke & Leroy. That space, well remind you, is equipped with a precious cabaret license, and who better to put it to use than music directors GBH, the team that brings top-tier rock and electronic talents like their current resident D.J., Moby to Hiros weekly Cheeky Bastard party. Alejandro Torio of GBH says that in addition to live music acts five nights a week, the weekly Robot Rock party (previous at nearby, now-defunct Movida) will be revived on Thursdays. So what will the door policy be? If you like rock or electronic music, Torio tells us, youre welcome to come in. Its not about how much money you have in your pocket. Now that sounds egalitarian!

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