Nobu Looks for an Opulent Suitor

Nobu 75 could spawn Nobu Exit 13W.Photo: Corbis

Do you have a valuable brand name? A blue-chip reputation sanctified by the food media? Do you need ready capital for expansion, debt reduction, or even retirement in your golden years? Just sell out to the nearest major conglomerate looking to add a bit of class! On her Websites new gossip page, New Yorks Insatiable Critic, Gael Greene, reveals the details of the latest rumored arranged marriage: this one between Nobu and Colony Capital, the force behind Xanadu, the 2.2.-million-square-foot sports, leisure, shopping and family entertainment complex sprouting in the Meadowlands. Is Nobu Matsuhisa playing Kubla Kahn?

Insatiable Critic: Short Order