‘Culinary Conductor’ Reinvents Himself as ‘Gourmet Dude’

A while back we peeked at the audition clips for Bertollis online cooking show with Rocco DiSpirito, and decided we loved, loved, loved a clip by Pete Chelala, who submitted a Daily Showesque spoof called Food Train. Sadly his disco-dancing in a carpenter belt loaded with seasonings and spatulas didnt convince the judges, but thats okay geniuses are never understood in their day, and a clip Chelala sends us from his new YouTube show, Gourmet Dude, convinces us he is just that. We have to warn you: Nothing much happens in this first installment, but then again nothing much happened in the first five minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey either. We have no doubt that good things lie ahead.

Gourmet Dude [YouTube]

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