PDT’s Winter Menu Blows Our Minds, GI Tracts

The view of Jim Meehan after a Staggerac.Photo: Patrick McMullan

PDTs winter cocktail menu debuted last night, and we are still hung-over. Mixologist Jim Meehan consulted his peers for the menu, which includes contributions from Pegus Audrey Sanders, Tailors Eben Freeman, International cocktail maven Charlotte Voisey, and others. Theres even a nod to Adam Platt in the description of PDT bartender Don Lees Bentons Old Fashioned, a combo of bacon-infused bourbon, maple syrup, and angostura bitters: the crossroad of Haute Barnyard and Barroom. (If this keeps up, were going to have to add Haute Barnyard to the banished-words list soon.)

Eben Freeman's influence spills all over the menu with a bevy of infusions: buttered popcorn-infused rum, rose-infused gin, and walnut-infused cognac. And then theres the high roller menu, a group of $22 cocktails that will knock you on your ass faster than they empty your wallet. Our favorites were the Staggerac, made with 140-proof bourbon and absinthe, and the Mt. Vernon, a kind of cherry sour created by Meehan and named by a visiting Post reporter. How all these drinks pair with tater tots and bacon-cheese dogs is another story, but as long as our constitution holds out, we'll keep going.

PDT's Winter Cocktail Menu [pdf]