What Happens at the Waverly Inn Stays on the Waverly Inn's New Blog!

When chef John DeLucie sold his memoir, we wondered whether the secrets of the Waverly Inn werent all being saved for a book. It turns out they were being saved for a blog oh yes, Vanity Fairs site has launched a chronicle of the goings-on at the Waverly, and though theres a cloying Metropolitan Diary tone to anecdotes about the restaurants manager and moat-minder Emil Varda returning $100 bribes and cougar lean maitre d Larry Poston fretting over a no-show pregnant diva, the voyeur in us appreciates the story about an impromptu knife juggler getting depantsed in the dining room. (It's better than the musings of, say, the Union Square Hospitality Group newsletter Danny Meyer likes Meyer lemons!) But a note to the anonymous author: Bragging about having a cosmetics tycoon, a Nascar champion, and a renowned humorist on the books aint going to cut it. Name some names!

Ye Waverly Blog [VF]

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