Will Bar Boulud's Tasting Table Be the New Oenophile Pickup Spot?

The perfect spot for a drunk game of duck, duck, goose.Photo: Melissa Hom

As Bar Boulud recovers from its private blowout last night and readies for its January 8 opening, theyll be taking extra care to wipe down the fifteen-seat tasting table in the round soon to be the site of many a wine orgy, if you believe the restaurant rep. Made of white oak (to give it that new-wine-barrel smell), the table is fourteen feet in diameter, built by Aveum of Mexico City, and designed by Thomas Schlesser. The table is modeled after eighteenth- and nineteenth-century negotiation negociant tables where businessmen served drinks to potential clients.

Renderings from back in the day.Courtesy of Bar Boulud

The central wine cooler also inspired by the more self-consciously stylish wine coolers of yesteryear will be manned by either sommelier Steven Meir or DBs company wine director Daniel DJ Johnnes, who says hes already toying with the idea of classes and tastings along the lines of Magnum Mondays. Otherwise, patrons can either try their luck as walk-ins or reserve the table for a group and even request a customized tasting. Dont be intimidated! As DJ reassures us, This is Daniel Boulud Unplugged.