A New Food Blog From the ‘Times’; Can Dining Alone Get You a Date?

The Times has launched a new food blog called Bitten thats being written by "Minimalist"-column writer Mark Bittman. Whats in store for readers? "Were going to look at great food made with everyday ingredients and readily achievable techniques as The Minimalist has been doing for a decade not food as something to be admired from afar, but as a part of daily life." [Bitten/NYT]

Monkey Bar chef Chris Cheung thinks he deserves a little credit for making black miso cod so popular at Nobu. [Gothamist]

Several changes in their dining culture have led the Vietnamese to embark on a rodent-eating bonanza. [WSJ]

Michael Psilakis, whos single-handedly revived Greek cuisine in this city, learned everything he needed to know in his mothers kitchen and has never even stepped foot inside a cooking school. [NYT]

Dining in restaurants is pretty much a nightmare for the countrys estimated 5 to 7 million people with obsessive-compulsive disorder. [NYT]

Can dining alone get you a date? Well, maybe if you start conversations about food, but not if you head to Gottino on a Thursday night. [TONY]

Options youd never considered for Valentines Day: Get drunk on Champagne with your significant other at Tre, eat angry lobster at Silverleaf Tavern, or pick up BarFrys take-home goody bag. [NYS]