Duck Liver = Romance at Valentine’s Day Foie Gras Dinner

"Lover" and "liver" are only a letter apart.Photo courtesy D'Artagnan

If youre anything like us, nothing says romance like ingesting eight courses of duck liver. And so theres probably nowhere you and your Special Friend would rather be than at the DArtagnan foie gras dinner being held at the Astor Center on Valentines Day. PETA public enemy Ariane Daguin, the founder of DArtagnan and the nations most conspicuous profoie gras activist, has put together a dinner of foie gras accompanied with different vintages of Chateau Yquem, the Sauterne wine prescribed by tradition to accompany foie gras everywhere. The dinner will start out with foie gras canaps, followed by foie gras terrine, pan-seared foie with port reduction, then foie-stuffed quail with black truffle shavings and a grape-and-black-truffle sauce, followed by what else? foie gras beignets. What libido could be unmoved by such a feast? And isnt that worth $1,300 a couple? We think the question answers itself.

Perfect Pairings: D'Artagnan Foie Gras & Chateau d'Yquem - A Dinner
with Ariane Daguin
[Astor Center]